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Track Ladies Posted on 05-05-2009

Pasadena, CA
Big Props to the ladies of Albany State for the SIAC Championship for track. I'm looking at Clark Atlanta and Albany State to transfer to. I run the 1500 and my coach is going to train me next season for the steeple. (I go to a community college in CA) Just any info on the Track Program at these schools could be helpful. About the experience. I don't just wanna be looking at the stats sheet lol. But yeah I ran a 5:35.72 at my Conference finals, but i was just coming off of an injury and also was not consistant in my training. So hopefully after XC and next year's Track season I aim to get down to 5 flat. I didn't run at all in high school So i'm just starting my track career and I know I have a lot of improvement in me. But yeah I kinda wanna be like E’Mosha Brinston from Albany state and how she was able to help the team with 28pts. But yeah any info pleaase =] thanks!
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sweet_honeybu from Riverside, CA replied on 05-05-2009 02:11PM [Reply]

I run track for tuskegee university, we competed against clark atlanta (we won against them in dual competitions)...thats tight that u run the 1500, i started running that this year... so next year we'll be competing with each other if you attend clark atlanta or even albany... albany seems to have a great track team... I am also from California, Riverside... lol (too similar over here lol) which community college?
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lulutnl3 from Pasadena, CA replied on 05-05-2009 03:53PM [Reply]

Riverside has a great 4X100 this year for the men in their community college I dont kno that much about Tuskegee. I'd love to talk about their track program too if you dont mind. Albany from what I can tell has been on a streak and it's cool that a lot of the focus just isnt on the sprinters but on the mid-distance which i like and I go to PCC (Pasadena) I literally just started getting into running the summer of 08 to prepare for XC lol I think when I started out I ran my mile in like 8 something lol I just wanna keep on improving =] What events do you run?
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sweet_honeybu from Riverside, CA replied on 05-05-2009 04:10PM [Reply]

i run the 1500, 800, 400, and if need be, the 200... um the track program at tuskegee??? this was my first collegiate year in track even though i ran in high school and before that... from what i see we dont get as much respect from the school, we dont even have a track, we have cement but this was the first year we actually did well, 1st in western division of siac which clark atlanta was included in, im not sure what they placed... and yea albany did their thing... yea there's a lot of focus on mid-distance, im running it because they're giving me a scholarship for it so hey... so are u certain on attending clark or albany?
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lulutnl3 from Pasadena, CA replied on 05-05-2009 04:23PM [Reply]

Honestly the only thing I'm certain about is attending a HBCU. I just replied to another post of yours stating why =[ But the only way I'll prob be going to college period is if I can get an athletic scholarship. I only knew about Clark because when I attended the Naval Academy my best friend was raised in the ATL and she had friends going there. And Albany I JUST am starting to look at cuz I saw the siac website...but I'm not really liking the school's athletic page web design so idk if thats a sign or not lol
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