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Pratistha Chand Pratistha Chand
Fisk University
Computer and Information Science
Class of 2027
Ta'Quan Ford Ta'Quan Ford
University of the District of Columbia
Class of 2025
Gabrieanna Pulliam Gabrieanna Pulliam
Florida A&M University
Business Administration
Class of 2027
Nicole Martin Nicole Martin
South Carolina State University
English Composition
Class of 1996
Melissa Blair Melissa Blair
Southwest Texas St Univ
Agricultural Journalism
Class of 1993
Jenae Babb Jenae Babb
University of Phoenix
Class of 2023
Angela Howard Angela Howard
Dillard University
Class of 2005
Shyeeta Hills Shyeeta Hills
Southern University and A&M College
Class of 1999
Jazmine Patton Jazmine Patton
Spelman College
Class of 2012
Nesonya Parker Nesonya Parker
Spelman College
Class of 1996
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