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Featured Business: Dangerous Negroes?

Featured Business: Dangerous Negroes?
Posted By: Daniel Moss on October 10, 2006

The Black community is currently in a state of social and cultural recession where negative stereotypical behavior is not only condoned, but glorified. Hip Hop culture, which had noble beginnings, has turned into a modern-day mega-minstrel show. In response, www.dangerousNegro.com , created by seven Black college graduates, has set out to incite a movement towards Black intellectualism.
Their mission is to help combat this negativity and complacency with a modern-day civil rights movement; more aptly named the Black Empowerment Movement, using educational and economic empowerment as central themes. Initially, they are using fashion as a vehicle to achieve their goals, but they plan on expanding to other media and entertainment outlets in the very near future. DangerousNEGRO is taking Black intellectualism and social consciousness back to the streets!

DangerousNegro.com is a business dedicated to uplifting the Black community through fashion, entertainment, and various philanthropic endeavors. They've started on this mission by creating a line of attractive Black Empowerment Apparel that will engage the Black community intellectually as well as stylistically. With creative designs and positive empowering messages, dangerousNegro.com seeks to diminish the lure of degenerate Black mentalities and refocus the Black community towards positive reconstruction.
In addition to their empowering clothing and accessory line, they have developed a dynamic website, www.dangerousNegro.com, that not only showcases over 70 apparel designs, but links fashion to community through stimulating discussions and information sharing.

Through this website, users are provided a unique opportunity to engage in discussions on issues being faced by Black America, share promotional information, and network. With these features they plan to increase awareness of issues related to the Black community and increase the amount of Black themed apparel on the market that carries a positive message and creates a sense of Black pride.

DangerousNEGRO.com firmly believes that with their products they can increase the number of socially conscious individuals in communities across America and increase their impact on the community. By serving as a visual representation of the Black Empowerment Movement, this clothing line can help to inspire action and combat the apathy that has taken over many aspects of the Black community since the Civil Rights Era. Furthermore, dangerousNEGRO understands that in order to better serve the community they need the support of the media and prominent public figures, and, therefore, are open to sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations with any individual or organization that shares their goals and empowering values.

If you would like more information about dangerousNegro, or to schedule an interview with Sebastine Ujereh, CEO, please call (615)364-6733 or email sebastine@dangerousNegro.com.

DAN-GER-OUS NE-GRO: 1. an individual of African descent, whose educational background and assertive disposition pose an imminent THREAT to the current state of affairs in a racist, patriarchal society. 2. identified by an acute sense of SOCIAL AWARENESS, non-complacency and a trenchant and relentless commitment to the BLACK community. 3. classified as the "Talented Tenth" and charged with uplifting the "masses" of the Negro race. 4. ANTIAPATHETIC. 5. commited to the social, political, and economic EMPOWERMENT of the Black community.

Sebastine Ujereh, CEO

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